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Dr. Seeds was once a renowned Psychiatrist working in New York City at a prestigious office. Her friend and colleague, Tabitha, was a great friend and confidant. When their Boss announces that they are vying for the same position, Tabitha betrays Dr. Seeds and Dr. Seeds seeks refuge in the underground world of the MTA. The D train becomes her new “Practice” and she thrives. She hires an assistant, Yellow Hat, starts dating the Handsome Man, continues to thwart her capture by the “Support Group,” and stands toe to toe with Tabitha M.D.

Topics and issues such as: mental health, societal pressures, sexuality, adulthood, drugs, music, tradition, politics, and more are all covered in the unique way only Dr. Seeds and company can. In a city like NYC where we are constantly on the move, it’s nice to slow down and experience the life of those who exist outside the realms of fast-paced society...

Ride the D with Dr. Seeds.

Sarah Seeds & Zoe Manarel in the

"Riding the D With Dr. Seeds" TV PIlot


Sarah Seeds & Doryan Robinson in the

"Riding the D With Dr. Seeds" TV PIlot


Drew Lipson & Sarah Seeds in the

"Riding the D With Dr. Seeds" TV PIlot

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